Product Overview | ASSURE™

ASSURE™ for the repair of ventral hernias

ASSURE is constructed using the Biomerix Biomaterial™, a soft, pliable polycarbonate polyurethane biomaterial, consisting of an interconnected three-dimensional network of cells and pores that serves as an optimal tissue scaffold.

  • Developed to facilitate rapid tissue ingrowth and healthy biointegration
  • Designed to optimize handling and ease of use

A layer of knitted polypropylene monofilament fibers provides mechanical support.

  • Created for a flexible, durable repair
  • Constructed for trimmibility perioperatively

A resorbable film layer of lactide caprolactone copolymer minimizes tissue attachment to the device in the case of direct contact with the viscera.

  • Engineered to minimize adhesions to the device
  • Formulated to remain intact through the critical stages of healing

1Data on file with manufacturer.

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